Website redesign for luxury Swiss fashion house
Founded in 1922, Akris has been a mainstay of high-quality clothing for almost 100 years. As the design lead on the Akris e-commerce redesign, I worked to bring their timeless and luxurious brand aesthetic into the digital space. Working hand-in-hand with creative director Albert Kriemler and his team, I also helped the brand to create visual guidelines for how Akris presents themselves both in the digital and physical spaces.

Product-Centric Design

With fabrics and cuts as high-quality as the Akris line, we wanted to showcase the product without creating any unnecessary distraction from the beautiful imagery created by the Akris team. This necessitated large, full-bleed imagery with plenty of opportunities to display the detail of the product visually.

Visual Navigation Menu

The Akris team wanted a more visual way to represent their different product lines and brand information, so we proposed an interactive visual navigation which gives customers visual cues of the information within each section. The final navigation menu not only presents the site taxonomy in a clear, digestible format, but also provides an added level of visual differentiation within the site.

Digital Logo Guidlines

Throughout the project, our team worked with the client to establish visual guidelines for digital applications of the Akris brand. We reinterpreted and codified their existing assets as well as our design components into a digital branding deck.

Product Imagery Art Direction

To ensure the quality of our web design, we also provided art direction for the ecommerce photography, including everything from model selection & styling to lighting, cropping, contrast, and more.