Brand identity and website redesign.
Avex is an award-winning digital agency in New York City, specializing in fashion, luxury products, and e-commerce. At Avex, I worked with the founder to rebrand the agency from the ground up, with a new design system including logos, color palettes, brand persona, and more.

Complete Agency Rebrand

The existing Avex brand lacked consistency, and was incongruent with the brand messaging we were shifting to. In collaboration with the Avex team, I created an entirely new brand aesthetic to personify the agency and to align with the future of the Avex brand.

More Than a Logo

Two of my key focuses in the brand redesign were flexibility and modularity. With these goals in mind, I created several pieces that can be combined, animated, and manipulated to serve a purpose, rather than just statically represent the brand.

A Visually Unique Website

When the branding was complete, I began the process of designing the new Avex website. The goal of this site was to create something that would stand out from our competitors while presenting our visually impressive client assets to project an image of excellence.

Bold, Contrasating Typography

The new Avex brand is clean, luxurious, and a bit edgy. To convey this on the site, I researched and experimented with typography that is both elegant and impactful. The final type system I landed on combines a few different typefaces resulting in a very flexible, dynamic structure of hierarchy.

Improving Our Digital Voice

In designing the site, I set out to build a digital platform for all of the new assets and case studies we're creating as a brand. The wide variety of content types gives the client the ability to house any sort of brand content, from client logos to team member bios and everything in between.