20 Years of Women's Luxury Accessories
Eugenia Kim is a non-traditional women's accessory designer who has been designing hats, bags, shoes, and more in New York City for over 20 years. At Avex, I worked with her and her team to design a new web store to refresh the brand's digital presence while optimizing the user experience for better conversions.

UX Sitemap & Wireframe

Before beginning the design of the site layout, I worked with the Eugenia Kim team to plan the user experience of the new site. I made the wireframes as detailed as possible to take the guesswork out the design phase, which resulted in a site that is easy to navigate and clearly structured.

A Renewed Digital Presence

One of our primary goals during the redesign was to transform the digital face of the company from a simple online store into a platform for their ever-changing collections and lifestyle imagery. The new homepage showcases their brand collateral in an elegant and immersive way, without detracting from the site's ease-of-use.

A Robust Editorial Platform

In addition to the visual content of the site, the team wanted to highlight the impressive news, press, and blog posts Eugenia Kim produces through a robust blogging platform within the site. The end result is a feed of all the newest brand content, with lookbooks, GIFs, and articles all in one place.

Effective in Simplicity

I aimed to avoid any extraneous design elements that would distract from the elegance and flamboyance of Eugenia Kim's products by keeping the site aesthetic as clean and minimal as possible. This resulted in a site that highlights the content rather than competing with it, and looks damn good doing it.

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