Lifestyle website & mobile app for New York streetwear icon.
One of the most influential names in the global streetwear craze, Kith is equal parts clothing brand and cultural icon. At Avex, I optimized their site with a complete redesign that stays true to their highly-recognized aesthetic. After the site's completion, I worked with Kith to design a native app that leverages some of the native functionality of mobile devices, along with the responsive e-commerce site.

User Experience Review

Before beginning the site redesign, I consulted on the primary UX issues on the existing Kith site. This gave us a tool to discuss problems and solutions and helped inform my decisions as we moved into the full design buildout.

Detailed E-Commerce Design

The site I designed for Kith needed to be an all-in-one solution for their e-commerce needs, so it was crucial to include everything from e-mail capture popups to hover interactions to ensure the user experience is seamless from beginning to end.

Robust Navigation Menu

After the initial launch, Kith's quickly-growing product catalogue outgrew some of the initial design systems. To better address some of their needs, I explored several iterations of navigation menus until we achieved a solution that was both easy-to-use and expansive for the many different designers and categories under the Kith brand.

Customized App Experience

In addition to an e-commerce store, we worked with Kith on the design portion of their native iPhone app. We helped develop a user experience that tailors to each customer through a customized feed of products and collections.

Exclusive Product Raffles

One of the most unique portions of the app design was the product raffle form that allows users to enter for a chance to purchase limited-run items. The design I created helps facilitate the data capture in a seamless, user-friendly way.

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