Global e-commerce redesign
Danish jewelry company Pandora is the largest in the world, available in over 100 countries worldwide. I worked with the Pandora team – both in Copenhagen and in the U.S. – to help lead a global SFCC relaunch of the site, implementing a new brand identity across 13 international markets while rolling out new business initiatives such as click-and-collect, modular checkout enhancements, global design systems, and much more.

A Deeper Shopping Experience

The former site struggled to present product information in an intuitive, digestible format. One of our key focuses during the redesign was to surface more product details and integrate more engaging storytelling throughout the user journey. We emphasized the product descriptions, brought more info above-the-fold, and integrated 360 product images & video to improve the product discovery experience.

A Refined Site Taxonomy

The navigation experience of the former site caused choice paralysis by presenting too many extraneous navigation options. Categorization and terminology were causing confusion, and users struggled to find the products & pages they were looking for. We presented several options and tested with real users to find a solution that improved the site taxonomy and navigation experience.

Improved Product Discovery

The previous product listing pages made product discovery, sorting, filtering, and recommendation a cumbersome and unintuitive experience. We restructured the product filters, implemented lifestyle imagery, reworked the product cards, and integrated inline content blocks to make the pages more dynamic, usable, and informative. We also consulted on product photography to ensure consistency and clarity among all types of products.

Modular Checkout System

Each of Pandora's 13 international regions maintains a unique configuration of content, product inventory, and checkout flow. We worked with the e-commerce team to implement new functionalities such as click-and-collect, saved credit cards, gift-with-purchase, and more within the constraints of a flexible, configurable checkout system.

Integrated Design System

Upon completion of the site design, we built a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and flexibility among the many vendors, developers, and designers working on the Pandora site continually. The system is comprised of shared Sketch libraries, InVision projects, JIRA bug tracking, and a live code repo that allows us to easily communicate among all parties involved and to continually build in new reusable components as needs arise.



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