E-Commerce Launch for Luxury Cosmetic Brand
A New York makeup brand built on Japanese aesthetics, Surratt has built their name producing masterfully-crafted cosmetics and providing unparalleled quality and accessibility to the makeup world. I worked with the Surratt team to launch their first e-commerce presence, focused on beautiful imagery and custom product configuration.

A Unique Digital Experience

Surratt is a brand like no other, and their digital presence is no exception. Our primary focus on this project was to create an e-commerce experience that felt unique and innovative, while maintaining best-in-class ease of use. We utilized bold imagery and an irregular product grid to create a dynamic experience that's still easily shoppable.

Engaging Product Discovery

Despite the bold aesthetic of the site, the primary goal of the site launch was conversion. With this in mind, we built in key functionality like dynamic search to help users discover products and easily navigate the catalogue.

Best-in-Class Commerce

Each of the custom-crafted products Surratt offers is unique and requires ample space for descriptions, tips, and product imagery. We built a clean, functional product page to showcase the beautiful imagery and informative descriptions. The pinned product sidebar allows users to read and add to bag as they scroll through product images.

Custom Palette Builder

One of Surratt's key selling points in stores is their custom-built palettes, so we brought the experience online with a fully interactive drag-and-drop palette builder. We designed the interface to be simple and scalable, encouraging users to play around with the tool to find their perfect palette.